Mississippi born and raised from the small town of Columbus, DJ Breakem Off’s passion for music started as a youth collecting tapes and CDs analyzing the vocals, production, diction, and artistry of his favorite hip hop and RnB artists.  Throughout his 12 years of DJing, he has created hundreds of mixes utilizing hip hop and RNB songs to move any crowd. Breakem Off mixes the love of old and new music that will get you to reminisce to a time where music was great and full of life. 

Breakem Off grew up listen to artist from Notorious Big to Isley Brothers. His ear in music was very broad. "There is no specific sound of music that best describes me. When the song comes on and the melody plays, if it touches my soul, its a winner." 

Breakem Off expectation as a DJ is to please the crowd by keeping you on your feet dancing and reciting your favorite classics.  Each show is tailored to fit the crowd and venue to ensure the best performance possible.